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Beyond Development Online Safety Training

Modern research is conclusive–adults learn best when training is active, relevant, collaborative, and connected to their own experiences. So, why aren’t these principles being utilized in modern safety training? Lives are on the line, and yet most training seems to be either caught in an expensive, travel heavy, time consuming death-by-power-point loop, or consigned to sleepwalkers via Computer Based Training (CBT).  We all know the limitations of these kinds of safety training, so why don’t we demand more?

Beyond Development has solved both problems by pioneering Instructor-Led Online Safety Training!  We employ only the most seasoned safety training professionals—credentialed, enthusiastic, experienced, and mission driven to facilitate interactive, student centered safety training that will have a lasting impact on employees in high-hazard industries.  We eliminate the time and expense of travel, and deliver an engaging curriculum that really represents the best of both worlds!  Your employees deserve more than just a certification card, and you deserve a partner that understands your need to drive down costs, simplify logistics, and professionally maintain records to keep you compliant.  Contact us today for a free demonstration of our platform.  You’ll find that the answer goes beyond limitations and beyond expectations—it’s Beyond Development!


CBT Live Online Instructor-Led
Requires Travel
Requires Administration
Requires LMS
Instructor Present
Active Training
Minimal Cost
Built-in LMS
Built-in Administration
Professional Curriculum
Best Safety Outcomes
User Friendly