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This list of videos is for reference.


Videos related to our business platform.

Multimedia Capabilities – https://youtu.be/qIw-8y6_ePE

Online Training Studio – https://youtu.be/NUUv5lf8hpE

Adobe Connect Online App for Mobile – https://youtu.be/7WSuso5Gn98

Ranger Energy Services Sizzle Reel – https://youtu.be/s4_KSDU-ASQ


Videos created while working with Express Energy Services.

Left Undone – https://youtu.be/X0pPbnAuuAk

Left Undone Teaser – https://youtu.be/z7tU89r4hhQ

Left Undone Interview Video – https://youtu.be/LPbvWoGWJeE

Left Undone Blooper Reel – https://youtu.be/ahJj40CwZ0M

Impact Teaser – https://youtu.be/I41Ur71x75A

Express U Tour Sizzle – https://youtu.be/QsaybQ99d7U

SPIRE 1 Rig Raising – https://youtu.be/T8FbaG9TyRk

Patricia Employee Testimony – https://youtu.be/PyIWt5Roj0U

Pat Gonzalez Employee Testimony – https://youtu.be/gamJm8lCbfw

Casing Recruiting Video – https://youtu.be/twm_soyd-4Q

Well Testing Class Video – https://youtu.be/F-a98SuofTE

Casing Class Video – https://youtu.be/ImrAo5GAamg

Well Testing Class Video – https://youtu.be/F-a98SuofTE

Dual Stage Workstation Setup TimeLapse – https://youtu.be/jDZdzhiF34g

Dual Stage Workstation Offshore – https://youtu.be/i4QJ12IkJas

Safety Points – Heat Exhaustion – https://youtu.be/J8hol3o5M98

Safety Points – Safe Trailering – https://youtu.be/_nlOuJAQ3Xs

Safety Points – Lanyard Demonstration – https://youtu.be/JQkks0WYZt0

Fall Drama from the Rig – https://youtu.be/YhuWx1ul83E

Commentary Climb Video 1 – https://youtu.be/4jZL850-GDQ

Safety Points – Chemical Safety (Comical) – https://youtu.be/wLSpFcat42I

Safety Points – H2S – https://youtu.be/knwYyWIFgJc

Safety Points – Hand Safety – https://youtu.be/s9Q82aupY3s

Service Quality – Alignment Process – https://youtu.be/W2UOIfADYLY

Safety Points 3 Points of Contact – https://youtu.be/Wakkn3QNdU0

Petrominerales Demo – Scott McClean – https://youtu.be/LaXQXKPu4to


Videos created while working with Enersafe, Inc.

Company Overview – https://youtu.be/LIyHyeuyTQ0

Cascade Installation – https://youtu.be/ARHJ1prv00U

Emergency Eyewash / Shower Trailer – https://youtu.be/19axobrbIxE

Combo Trailer EnerSafe – https://youtu.be/CumrbfsSd5o

Fire Extinguisher PSA – https://youtu.be/_xpMgVumOvY

COSS Sizzle – https://youtu.be/dHOufTo8_oM

Fire Extinguisher Refurbishment Truck – https://youtu.be/BKn8cKu3PE4

Flares Demo – https://youtu.be/YOBBqe0_oss


Acting Reel – https://youtu.be/h1mP55MMS4I


Miscellaneous videos created for non-safety related purposes.

Rough Cut Kingfisher Gunfight – https://youtu.be/RkVc-d_PiTo

Rough Cut indoor Gunfight – https://youtu.be/BqXePVTaFrk

Sugar Hill Studios – https://youtu.be/D60z2xquV2k

Cruzado Fundraising Trailer – https://youtu.be/OaE1uaQWFUM

Cruzado Official Teaser – https://youtu.be/PGwS2V-D1cc

They Rode On Teaser – https://youtu.be/QbJLvzEOaJQ

Black Civil War Veterans Exhibit Museum Intro – https://youtu.be/OsDSGpzbtAE

Legends Rally Endurance Motorcycling – https://youtu.be/_rcBwLxy1dc

Traffik Jams Music Video – https://youtu.be/FcTtprlUvBg

Mission Sin Caja Video – https://youtu.be/BaiwCf3pOis

Hodge Family 60th Wedding Anniversary – https://youtu.be/_Xa4j133noA

Conjecture Short Film – https://vimeo.com/48184916

Four Horses Short Film – https://vimeo.com/18808387